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Southern Fried Philosophy

May 4, 2020

This week on The Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast, Biggun finally gets his Ninja Pillows, Producer Brian nearly goes blind and Mojo swears. We're joined by special guest Mrs. Producer Brian to get her perspective on teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Southern Fried Philosophy


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SFP Intro - Lenny The Band



Blue Collar Cycles


Watchman Cigar

1812 BBQ and Catering

Hook Line & Heroes

Words of Hope


How You Be Dern? 



Biggun's Stock Tip Of The Week - Arcturus

NFL draft - Henry Ruggs

Pick 3 Restaurants

Wacky News: 1812 BBQ

NC Farm crashes video calls 

Need a donkey to crash a video call?

Woman impersonating FBI agent arrested

NC woman protesting govt shutdown has coronavirus

SFP Headlines Preview

Special Guest : 

Mrs. Producer Brian