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Southern Fried Philosophy

Jan 25, 2021

This week on the Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast, Biggun goes birdwatching at Walmart. Producer Brian makes old man noises and we chat with Vin Singh from Free Lunch Coffee.

Southern Fried Philosophy


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SFP Intro - Lenny The Band

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Watchman Cigar

Operation Decisive Victory

Free Lunch Coffee (Promo Code: Southern Fried)



Crazy Karen 

Almost Arrested at Best Buy

Wacky News: Watchman Cigars

Man allegedly hid 3 months at Chicago airport due to virus

Oklahoma Rep. introduces bill to create Bigfoot 'hunting season'

Police: Man wakes up to woman holding a bag of pepperoni and drinking soda in his house

Joe Exotic fails to receive pardon from Trump as team waits with limo for his release


Guest - Operation Decisive Victory

Vin Singh