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Southern Fried Philosophy

Mar 22, 2021

This week on The Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast, Biggun's biscuits are burning, Magic Man gets a new nickname and things get loose while Special Guest Tanya Thompson takes us through a once in a lifetime blind bourbon tasting. Plus Week 2 of Chicken Madness!

Southern Fried Philosophy
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Southern Word Of The Week - Piddlin'
this could mean puttering around, but Southerners also like to use it as an adjective, meaning something small or trivial (in a bad way). Hopefully, you get something more than a piddling raise from your company this year!

Example: "Quit piddling around and help me set the table!"


SFP Chicken Madness Presented by Red Hill Brewery
Round 1: Wendy’s vs Zaxby’s


Guest - ODV
Tanya Thompson 100 Days of Bourbon