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Southern Fried Philosophy

Apr 26, 2021

This week on the Southern Fried Philsophy Podcast, we have the final matchup in the 2021 Chicken Madness Tournament, we have a discussion that is entirely too long about bodies of water and special guest Doug Noll teaches us the art of de-escalation.

Southern Fried Philosophy
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Operation Decisive Victory

Southern Word Of The Week
"If the Creek Don’t Rise”
We’ll be there unless something out of our control stops us. We do our best to keep our promises, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up. Like trying to meet a friend for lunch but having the car breakdown on the way. To cover your bases you might say, “I’ll see you then if the creek don’t rise.”

Man skips work for 15 years

Man wishes he could skip work

Chicken Madness Round 7 Presented by Red Hill Brewing
KFC vs Zaxbys

Guest - Doug Noll