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Southern Fried Philosophy

May 24, 2021

This week on the Southern Fried Philsophy Podcast. UFOs are real, the Earth is Ghetto and Kindergartners thwart a bus hijacking. Also is a grilled cheese, grilled cheese if it's cooked in an oven?

Southern Fried Philosophy


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SFP Intro - Lenny The Band

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Watchman Cigar

Operation Decisive Victory


How You Be Durrin’

Southern Phrase of the Week:

"I Reckon"

To suppose or believe something to be true. “reckon” could be substituted for I believe, imagine, suppose, think and more. It’s what you say when you’re telling someone something that you believe to be true

Teacher Appreciation sponsors step up


Americans beat up animals


Earth is Ghetto




SC hijacker


Hot topic: grilled cheese

Wacky News: Watchman Cigars

Taco Bell will start reusing hot sauce packets - CNN

Woman hit in face with 10-pound 'log of prepackaged meat' during …

Police: Man accused of stealing 14 cases of beer, attempts to return …

Nazi slaps cops with his colostomy bag in Kid Rock's steakhouse