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Southern Fried Philosophy

Jul 12, 2021

On this episode of the Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast: We draft Hot Dog Toppings, things get a little racist and humans set the ocean on fire.

Southern Fried Philosophy


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Watchman Cigar

Operation Decisive Victory


How You Be Durrin’


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Southern Phrase of the Week:

“It’s Blowin’ Up a Storm”

You can feel, smell, and see a storm blowin’ up across the vast southern skies. At a moments notice, the skies can darken and summer afternoons are filled with churning winds and heavy rain clouds that cool down the southern summer heat. You might hear this phrase when a person sees these changes start to develop and goes inside to tell others that, “It’s Blowin’ Up A Storm”.


Operation Decisive Victory Event


Hot Dog Topping Draft

Hot Dog Topping Spreadsheet


Zebra Cobra escapes


Gun Violence Emergency


Sha'cari Richardson not chosen for Olympics


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Chinese Gene Giant Takes Prenatal Data


The Ocean is on fire


Wacky News - Watchman Cigars

Next week: Tahmina Watson, immigration lawyer, author and podcast with thousands of listeners