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Southern Fried Philosophy

Aug 9, 2021

This week on the Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast: Biggun and Producer Brian discuss the Wilfred Brimley line, the 5 worst chip types plus our guilty pleasure TV shows.


Southern Fried Philosophy


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Watchman Cigar

Red Hill Brewing

Crave Bath and Body


How You Be Durrin’


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Southern Phrase Of The Week:

“I’m About to Fly Off the Handle”

You’ll hear this in the South when one has been pushed to their limit and is about to lose their temper over it

  • Not to be confused with "This has become a handle" meaning this issue or problem has become bigger than it originally started or is causing any type of inconvenience.


Sweets no longer sold


Wilfred Brimley Effect


What are your worst 5 type chips


You can only have 3 condiments the rest of your life, what are they?


Interpret Custom License Plate?


Amazon Fatigue


Outer Banks fan what are your shameful guilty pleasure shows


Olympic talk