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Southern Fried Philosophy

Aug 30, 2021

This week on the season finale of the Southern Fried Phillosphy Podcast: hot dogs are bad for you, a man strips at a school board meeting and the milk crate challenge. Plus we break down the last year of the podcast and talk about our favorite moments.

Southern Fried Philosophy


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Watchman Cigar

Red Hill Brewing

Crave Bath and Body


How You Be Durrin’


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Southern Phrase Of The Week:

“Carry Me to the [Store]”

Many southern transplants have been confused when hearing this phrase for the first time. Carry me means “provide me with transportation to a destination.” It can sound strange when hearing it if you’re not raised in the South.


Follow up/Discuss


Family found dead on hiking trail


Mountain eagle


Eating hot dog will take 36 min off your life


Season 5 wrap up what's been your favorite episodes/moments?


Nirvana baby lawsuit


Milk crate challenge 


Wacky News - Watchman Cigars

Man strips down at School Board Meeting