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Southern Fried Philosophy

Jan 24, 2022

This week on the Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast, Magic Man makes his Wikipedia debut and Biggun has some beefs. The Mountain Eagle is back, plus Wacky News and an interview (sorta) with Rob Dublin. (

Southern Fried Philosophy


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Crave Bath and Body


How you be durrin - Crave Bath and Body


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Next week: 1/27 Kurt Nelson - Behavioral scientist focused on positive behavior change, motivation, influence and habit formation


Southern Phrase Of The Week:

He's gotten too big for his britches

Unarguable Southern criticism. Translated, it means, "He sure does think a lot of himself." If you hear this one, you should probably pause a moment. Southerners tell it like it is—no matter what it is—so think of this as a learning moment.

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Mountain Eagle

Wacky News - Level Up Logo



Spilled potatoes freeze to roads


Men arrested for smuggling coke in bean cans


Elsa arrested in SC for winter storm


Featured Presentation - Rob Dubin

In the Pursuit of… Making 2022 better


He and his wife spent 17 years living on a sailboat and sailing around the world.  Along the way they shared their lives with and learned from people of diverse cultures in over 100 countries. He’s lived an extraordinary life and the insights on human fulfillment he gained along the way provide both inspiration and a map for his audience to navigate transformation in their own lives.


Full Interview: