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Southern Fried Philosophy

Apr 17, 2017

Biggun and Mojo are back in studio this episode. Our biased list of songs that have the best opening music. Biggun's wife calls in to tell us more about the terminator squirrel and "Blaine" the Pacifist Exterminator comes out to visit again. We go over some crazy headlines, call up the Fantasy Isle Ice Cream Shop to discuss "Putter" the squirrel. No guest this week but we discuss what we know about the United Airlines debacle. What is article 25 and 21? Stick around and find out. Website: Instagram and Twitter: @sfpradio Facebook: Southern Fried Philosophy You can now partner up with us @ Check out on Facebook: Fantasy Isle Ice Cream Shop in Holden Beach North Carolina. Special Thanks to Mr. Martin for taking our interview. If you're not an organ donor, you should be. Check out episode 1 and Mojo's story of receiving a new Heart in March of 2017. #DonateLife