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Southern Fried Philosophy

Jan 14, 2018

Two episodes in a row. We're off to a great start this season. We start off with "What Burns Mojo's Biscuits", How you be Durrin' with Biggun's nine lives car. We talk about the National Championship with Alabama and Georgia. Wacky News from fart pills, lady takes a Christmas tree back for a refund and Red House Furnitures old but funny internet video ad. We dive into the Top 10 Dangerous Jobs, Liberal nonsense with the Soda Tax in Seattle and the deportation of a father/caretaker of a paraplegic child. Old segment but a favorite: Mojo reads and his selection of the "Emancipation of Robert Sadler" Special Guest from the UK is Chris Magee of Bopflix Films. He's a filmmaker and videographer who is all over Europe's indie scene but has burst onto the scene with the Du Wop and rockabilly bands. facebook: Bopflix Films instagram: Bopflix Films