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Southern Fried Philosophy

Aug 23, 2021

This week on The Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast: Producer Brian eats another chicken sandwich, old men are fighting in a grocery store, basketball players get paid too much and we have a report form our roving restaurant reviewer Allen Shaler on Hard 8 BBQ in Dallas, Texas.

Southern Fried Philosophy


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Southern Phrase Of The Week:

“Gimme Some Sugar”

Not literally passing the sugar, this phrase means more like “come over here and give me some of that sweetness – give me a kiss!” Often heard from grandma and grandpa when they see their grandbabies (another southern term) and want to give kisses as much as receive them. This phrase is mostly used among loved ones. I should also note that it would be pronounced “sugah” as we rarely use “r’s.”


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Old men fight


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Family found dead on hiking trail


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Restaurant Review with Allen - Hard 8


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