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Southern Fried Philosophy

Mar 20, 2017

On this episode, Jeremy joins Mojo again for the Show. Biggun is still in India and we're beginning to wonder if he's coming back. Saint Patty's Day and the Ides of March are celebrated this week. Mojo's 13 year old daughter "Pooty" sits in and offers her extensive wisdom. We posed the question to our listeners this week: Songs that you misheard the lyrics to? Wacky news with an update to Joe Biden's son and possibly the most elaborate political prank in history. Our interview this week is with Lanie George. She is the President and Founder of Redeeming Joy. A non-profit that helps women out of sex trafficking. We learn the truth of modern day slavery that we see everyday but may not be aware of. Please Check out: Facebook: Redeeming Joy Twitter: @RedeemingJoy Interwebs: Facebook: Southern Fried Philosphy Twitter: @sfpradio Instagram: @sfpradio Interwebs: intro music by: Lenny the Band This weeks sponsor: Kentucky Knows