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Southern Fried Philosophy

Apr 9, 2017

We missed him and so have you. Biggun is in studio this week, back from his hiatus to India. He tells us his flying fears that have come true. If you've ever traveled before, I'm sure you can relate...we all could. Biggun shares some highlights from his trip and friends he made. Our special guest is Maj Toure this episode. As lovers of the 2nd Amendment and firearm education we support what Maj is doing. Maj is a hip hop artist out of Philly who's taken his love for firearm education and put it into action. He's currently on a 50 state tour to educate urban communities on what laws are in the area and general firearms education. Check out his website: Instagram Facebook: Maj Toure Twitter: Website: Facebook: Southern Fried Philosophy Twitter and Instagram: @sfpradio This week's advertiser is: