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Southern Fried Philosophy

Aug 13, 2017

The guys are back at it this week with a crowd favorite of "How you be durrin'". Mojo discusses his southern parenting fails. Biggun talks about attending and meeting John Caparulo (previous guest) at the comedy zone here in Charlotte....SPOILER....Green rooms aren't green. Our recent listener appreciate event at the Whiskey Prison. Mojo discusses what he's going to be cooking for the weekend and what to do with beef ribs....smoking them low and slow. Wacky News with a serial BBQ killer, city of Durham and their backflow problem and bakers refusing to make a kid the birthday cake he wanted. University of Georgia and how a professor there has literally just dropped the IQ of the average student by half...your tax dollars at work. Our Featured Guests of the week are from Fill My Basket. Disty and Matthew join us to share their influential story on Pay it Forward and loving thy neighbor blindy. After this episode, it'll make you think about how you can do more. Facebook: Fill My Basket Intro Music by: Lenny the Band Facebook: Southern Fried Philosophy Instagram and Twitter @sfpradio NEW Youtube Channel: sfp radio